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There is only one Orange which is the most tastiest of them all! The Pakistani Kinow (oranges).

Presently Pakistan has a production capability of 2 million tons per year, which is on the rise. In the oranges cultivated in Pakistan, the flavour is distinctly aromatic, the use pesticides is minimal and use is made of only the natural fertilizers. The Kinow is sun- ripened on the trees and given the time to grow in full naturally and then hand- picked by skilled workers. The oranges are then transported safely with great care and speed to our state-of-the-art processing plant where it is methodically sorted to eliminate damaged, or unripe pieces, after final approval by the Quality Control Department, the approved fruit is passed on the modern plant for washing and waxing processes. After this stage, the automatic grading is carried out according to size. Finally these are safely and securely packed in world-class cartons with protective layers that ensures a perfectly fresh and hygienic delivery with all the natural taste and nourishments.

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